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Is 559-259-6824 a Safe Caller?

Current Spam/Fraud Potential: Unsafe

The latest visitor reported this number at Aug 14, 2019 07:55:13.

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  • Dangerous 2 votes
  • Harassing 2 votes
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  • Unknown 1 votes

Phone Number Information

Area Code
Full Number
(559) 259-6824
Phone Type
Registrant Company
New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc
United States
California (CA)
Local Time
Pacific (GMT -08:00)

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  • Dangerous reported by Amanda knolls, Reply Abusive Post?
    Yeah keeps calling my number crying. She is so annoying and wants me to get her drugs and that she will pay me back when she gets money from her grandmas estate from her death. I tell her wrong number every time but this person just does not get it. She flips and starts talking like she is the shit and has a life. Looks like your life is no life very scary human being. She says her name tevin Deneen. Can not understand a word either on drugs or just drunk
  • Harassing reported by Anonymous, Reply Abusive Post?
    The owner of this phone number Devin girlie kaiser Bennett keeps calling my phone with spoof numbers text messaging me death threats. Has her sons calling me like 100 or more times in October threatening to have me handled. Her and the women she is cheating on her husband with tried some shady restraining order that completely failed and was denied on the first time she tried because they saw it was fake b.s. she is crazy attacked me . Selfish weirdo who thinks she does not do anything wrong. Listen up asshole you better apologize to my mom and brother or coming up in January this time it’s me saying it not anyone that betrayed you out of your masters group. Just wait you will end up in court I promise. I never break a promise. Do not think I did well you will see and this way you go public all of it in court will. Act innocent your family no friends but job will all know. How could you do what you did after all I did for you do you have anybremorse or sympathy. You think anything will stop me. You need to learn not run like a little bitch no class asshole I can’t believe you stay the fuck away you fucking psycho go get help or go get a drink
  • Dangerous reported by Anonymous, Reply Abusive Post?
    Random. This number keeps sending me texts with her conversations with others. There disgusting. Stop texting my phone.
  • Harassing reported by Anonymous, Reply Abusive Post?
    This number is calling and hanging up on me alot. Threatning me.